Faktakontroll gives you full control

Faktakontroll is a search tool with a modern layout that allows you to see several companies or person and connections between them in one and the same view, without having to click back and forth.

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check income and remarks, completely anonymous

In the income and remarks spread, you can see people’s salaries, income / deficit of capital with a 3-year history and any payment remarks or debts at the bailiff. – without having to do a credit check. The viewing is completely anonymous and also gives you an overview of all the people in the household or behind a company.

automatic and continuous control

With the monitoring service, you can stay up to date on everyone you do business with, both individuals and companies. Keep track of your customers, suppliers, competitors and partners.


In case of an event –  move,  name change,  board change,  payment remark, etc. – you will receive a notification through e-mail. The service keeps track for you. Most credit losses are made on old loyal customers and are caused by not  keeping an eye on them

historical information

To make a good decision, you cant just regard thecurrent information, you also have to have a look at the history. Does a person moves often, changes name every two years, jumps in and out of companies at short intervals. Or does the person have several bankruptcies behind him or years with out any income?