Publications, technical recordings or file deliveries. We give you the data you need, the way you want it.

TecHnical publications

A publication such as an incomecatalog has equivalent protection if it’s published as a technical publication. For example on USB or SDD  or other storage media that is physically sent to the recipient. This is done with legal support from the swedish laws: YGL 1: 8 and YGL 1: 9, which also refers to TFF 3:16 and 4: 5.


In collaboration with the credit information company Safenode AB, we offer a number of different publications (both in print and as technical publications) for various purposes, such as to control the income of larger populations or to block customers / prospects

Data Devliveries

Do you  have need to update or buy large amounts of data?  Thats not a problem, it´s our everyday life. Regardless of  it is a one-time update of business registers or continuous notification of changes to consumer registers. Are you looking for new costumers, B2B or B2C? Let us help you with the selection!

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